Case Files: 2001

Why Planes Crash focuses on 21st century aviation investigations and breaks them down into key factors.

In this, the first of the series, Wrigley has deconstructed eleven of the most interesting incidents that the world saw in the year 2001. These include a detailed analysis of the disastrous runway incursion at Linate, the passenger interference leading to the Avjet Aspen Crash and why an Airbus A300 disintegrated over Queens.

From bad weather to the engineering faults in the aircraft, the author critically looks into every factor that could have led to the crash.


  • Lost in the Fog
  • Using Propellers as an Airbrake
  • Nose Down into the Runway
  • Snow in the Engine
  • Can You See What I See?
  • Turning into the Dead Engine
  • Collision Course Over Tokyo
  • Unexpected Spin
  • When One Engine Isn’t Enough
  • Twin Towers
  • When the Simulator Lies